Nádia Batella Gotlib (Brazil)

Professor at the Universidade de São Paulo reading excerpts from her book Clarice: Uma Vida que se Conta and passages from the talk “O legado de Clarice Lispector” [“Clarice Lispector’s Legacy] delivered at the Academia Brasileira de Letras, in Portuguese.

João Bandeira (Brazil)

Musician, visual artist, and co-director of the literary center Escrevedeira reading the crônica “Palavras apenas fisicamente” [“Words Purely Physical”] from A Descoberta do mundo [Discovering the World], in Portuguese

Vincent Barletta (United States)

Vincent Barletta is Associate Professor of Comparative Literature and Iberian and Latin American Cultures at Stanford University, reading “O relatório da coisa” (Report on the Thing), in Onde estivestes de noite (Where Were You at Night ), in English.

Estela Basso (Brazil/France)

Actress, with a Masters in Arts and Languages from the L’École des Hautes Études en Sciences Sociales, reading excerpts from the short-story “A pecadora queimada e os anjos harmoniosos” (“The Burned Sinner and the Harmonious Angels”) from A legião estrangeira (The Foreign Legion), in Portuguese and in French.