Clarice 100 Ears

CoordinatorMarília Librandi
Co-organizersSérgio Bairon,  João BiehlMiqueias Mugge
Research FellowsJonathan A. Romero and Nikhil Pandhi
Research AssistantsOriele Benavides and Heloisa Krüger Barreto
Technical AssistanceBen JohnstonMcGraw Center for Teaching and Learning
Soundtrack: Song “Agora” by Beatriz Azevedo edited by Sérgio Bairon
Special thanks to Paulo Gurgel Valente, Jhumpa Lahiri, Beatriz Azevedo, Rodrigo Simon, and Instituto Moreira Salles

Clarice 100 Ears is part of the Clarice 100 Years project, organized by the Brazil LAB and the Creative Writing Program of the Lewis Center for the Arts and co-sponsored by the Princeton Institute for International and Regional Studies, the Department of Spanish and Portuguese, the Humanities Council, the Program in Latin American Studies, and the Department of Anthropology.  

Clarice Lispector by Érico Veríssimo. Washington, DC (1956). Courtesy of Paulo Gurgel Valente.

Homepage References

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Clarice Lispector by Antonio. Rio de Janeiro, June 14, 1941. Collection of Instituto Moreira Salles.
Clarice Lispector and Paulo Gurgel Valente. Collection of Paulo Gurgel Valente.
Clarice Lispector. Collection of Paulo Gurgel Valente.
Clarice Lispector. Collection of Paulo Gurgel Valente.